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Over the years, the Instructors and past Scouts of 39th Colombo have resulted in a rapid deterioration in the quality of theoretical Scouting knowledge among the Scouts. This is due to a number reasons including the ever busier schedules of the present boys impeding the ability to host regular patrol meetings where previously this learning was distributed, and varying attendance at Saturday Scout meetings due to competing priorities impacting learning continuity.

This has had a knock on effect in the quality of ‘book work’ that is required as part of the National Scout programme having declined, thus resulting in many Scouts, though keen, not being able to progress to their President’s Scout award.

With the aim of reducing reliance on Saturday Scout meetings and weekly patrol meetings as the primary tool of knowledge distribution as in the past, the Past Scouts of 39th Colombo have devised an online learning platform for the use of all Scouts in the Troop, based on the success of a full-day learning session that was held online for the Scouts during the early months of the pandemic.

The proposed learning portal and website has been developed by the past Scouts of 39th Colombo and is proposed to be the main repository of all theory notes in accordance with the syllabus. In addition, a portion of the site will be dedicated to hosting material of interest including history, photographs, and also as a channel for parents to keep up with the latest news of the Troop.


In-line with the Technology evolution Prep Scouts evolved with their technology use.

Prep Scouts Badework Portal – Present

 The Badgework portal is hosted on Gitbook.com another open source platform built for developers to host their product documentation free of charge. Gitbook was keen to award us with a PRO account which enables many PRO features.

The Portal is accessed by over 30 countries worldwide and gradually increasing its exposure.

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Microsoft verified 39th Colombo Scout Troop as a non profit establishment enrolling to the non profit program.


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  • Nithieskanna Sivaraj – Code Maintainer
  • Sujiv Fonseka – Head of Documentation
  • Nandun Thotawatte – Badge Portal Moderator
  • Troop Webmasters